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Dilemma in concert outfit. In this winter camouflage outfit and gas masks with built-in microphones, the first concerts were started. But due to the enormous heat, we took off our masks after 2 songs at the latest.

Dilemma live gig at „Et Küllke“ in Dülken, Germany

21. January 1989

Original concert poster „Et Küllke“ Dülken

21. January 1989

Dilemma in the iron foundry Tonnar, Dülken, 1989

„57 distructions of Nicki“ studio recording session, 1987

„Dismember your Body“ studio recording session, Autumn 1988

Klaus, Christoph and Dirk Ivens at Hahns home

Dilemma at Berrisch Stahlbau, Viersen, 1988

Dilemma at Bismark Tower, Viersen, 1988