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DILEMMA 1988: Christoph Schaller (l), Klaus Hahn (r)

Dilemma became known as a duo with Klaus Hahn (music and vocals) and Christoph Schaller (music). From 1988 to 1990, they released various recordings. The music style can be described as Electronic Body Music – EBM.

Christoph and Klaus grew up in the small town of Dülken near the Dutch and Belgian border. They found out early that they liked the same, not mass-compatible music.  Portion Control, Skinny Puppy, Kraftwerk, The Klinik, Depeche Mode, but also more experimental music like The Normal, Non, Test Department or SPK influenced them in the early 80s. The fact that this kind of music was rather incomprehensible to normal people, aroused their interest to make such music themselves.

Klaus made his first musical experiences in 1986 with the project „The Chemical Death“ and between 1986 and 1989 with the project „Invisible Noisehunters“. The resulting experience and a steadily growing interest in creating his own music led to first Dilemma recordings at the end of 1987 and beginning of 1988. Christoph joined the band shortly after these recordings and from then on, Dilemma was a permanent duo.  In 1990, Dilemma unfortunately disbanded. Christoph moved to another city for professional reasons and Klaus focused on studying at a technical college. So they lost contact and Dilemma as a duo came to an end.